Urban Solutions Council


Long term unemployment and the lack of preparation for 21st century careers remain key impediments to U.S. economic recovery.  In urban America, this problem is particularly acute as African Americans continue to suffer from a 2-to-1 unemployment rate gap—which is virtually unchanged since the height of the civil rights movement in 1963. Government and community-based organizations must and will play an important role in addressing these challenges moving forward. However, a diminishing level of government investment in urban America just when it is needed most –have left fewer resources available for investment in workforce and economic development.


In the ongoing conversation over how America can return to its heyday of economic vitality, and in the face of a diminishing federal role in promoting and creating economic opportunity, it is clear that any meaningful and sustainable solution to the chronic, structural barriers to the health of urban economies must include input from private enterprise.

The Urban Solutions Council was established in 2013 to leverage relationships with National Urban League private sector partners in advancing aligned policy solutions to persistent challenges in urban workforce, health, education and asset building. This intimate group of trusted advisors works with the Bureau team to identify areas of synergy and to promote these shared solutions through targeted policy forums. These solutions inform the work of the National Urban League and its more than 90 affiliates across the country and are reflected in our annual policy agenda. The relationships built between the Bureau, Headquarters and our Affiliate leadership is of mutual benefit to our advisors and our movement.


[Stay tuned for upcoming 2016 forums schedule]