Advocacy and Empowerment Council

National Urban League Advocacy and Empowerment Council

The National Urban League Advocacy and Empowerment Council champions a range of issues impacting communities of color, including economic empowerment, civil rights, education, health, and community development. We share an unwavering commitment to ensure that our leaders, elected and appointed, are responsive to the needs of all Americans. Through advocacy and action, we promote opportunities for success and advancement for individuals and families.

We are national organizations representing a cross section of important causes and communities. Our diverse partner organizations are dedicated to amplifying the voices of citizens nationwide through advocacy and mobilization of our united networks.

Together we serve thousands nationwide, and using our collective power, together we will work to ensure that our leaders are supporting and making legislative decisions that positively benefit ALL of our communities.


What is the Advocacy and Empowerment Council?

The AEC is a diverse network of national organizations who have come together around a mutual commitment and passion for making a difference through legislative and policy advocacy. Established in 2017, members of the AEC raise their collective voices to bring awareness to policy issues and decisions that impact urban and underserved communities. The AEC works collaboratively to mobilize a nationwide network of grassroots advocates who are engaged and ready to take action to advance aligned policy solutions.

Led by the National Urban League’s Washington Bureau (NULWB), the AEC network represents a wide array of professional, social and community organizations.


2018 National Urban League Advocacy and Empowerment Council Partners

Sigma Pi Phi (Boule)

Delta Sigma Theta, Inc.

Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc.

Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

Omega Psi Phi, Inc.

National Association of Black Social Workers

American Association of Blacks in Energy

National Medical Association

National Bar Association

U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.

African American Mayors Association


Interested in Joining the Movement!

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