Top News You Need to Know - September 26, 2016

Monday, September 26, 2016



Congressional Budget Battle
Congress returned from its summer recess this month with a focus on passing a funding bill to keep the government running beyond September 30 to avoid a government shutdown.  Republicans leaders proposed a short-term funding bill or a Continuing Resolution, also known as a “CR,” to keep the government running through December 9. Democrats, however, quickly rejected the bill because the bill failed to address key issues. 
One issue was that while the CR contained flood aid for Louisiana, it does not address the ongoing water contamination crisis in Flint, Michigan.  House Speaker Ryan said he believes additional funding for Flint, Michigan is a local issue and should be addressed in a separate bill.  As of now, the CR is tentatively scheduled for a vote as early as September 27—leaving little time for Republicans and Democrats to work out their differences.
New Report on Building Better Narratives in Black Education
The National Urban League, United Negro College Fund, and Education Post recently released “Building Better Narratives in Black Education,” a joint report providing tangible approaches to shift the narrative concerning Black education reform.  The findings in the report aim to better engage communities around K-12 education and drive substantive policy changes for Black students.  You can download a copy of this very useful report from the rotator at:
Join NUL for Twitter Chat on First Presidential Debate
The first debate between presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump will take place on Monday. September 26.  Our President and CEO, Marc Morial, will take issue-related questions regarding the debate live on Twitter at 8:00 PM.  Check his handle, @MarcMorial, for more information and to join the conversation. 
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