Urban League's Morial: Trump’s Immigration Remarks “APPALLING”

January 11 2018

NEW YORK (January 11, 2018) — National Urban League President and CEO Marc H. Morial tonight issued the following statements in response to President Trump’s comments on immigration: 

“President Trump’s crude statement regarding immigration from Haiti and African nations is appalling for its lack of compassion, and stunning for its ignorance about  the contributions of Haitian and African immigrants. 

“Even more troubling was the fact that his slur was coupled with a desire for more immigration from overwhelmingly white countries like Norway.  

“Congress must reject this divisive and racially-discriminatory approach to immigration policy.  We in the Urban League’s Movement  believe, like most Americans, that this nation must remain 'Mother of Exiles' and that the 'tempest-tost' may seek refuge here.”


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