As the Urban League’s research arm, the Washington Bureau conducts insightful research on the urban America and other underserved communities and the issues and policies that impact their social and economic status, mobility, prosperity and empowerment.

The Washington Bureau is responsible for producing publications that have explored the impact of health disparities in the black community in The State of Urban Health; the impact and importance of the black vote in The Hidden Swing Voters; and looked at the challenges facing black families in the wake of the financial downturn in the country in The State of the Black Middle Class.

The Washington Bureau also offers thoughtful policy recommendations and information guides that support our Empowerment Goals in publications such as our 8-Point Plan: Educate, Employ and Empower and Teachers Matter.

The State of Urban Business 2011: Cities that Lead the Way

What are the best cities for black-owned businesses? This inaugural edition of the State of Urban Business ranks the top metro areas for entreprenures and why.

African Americans and the Green Revolution

A Guide to Comprehensive Child Welfare Reform

Provide guidance on how to become involved in engaging communities and policymakers to secure the well-being of children and families, prevent those circumstances that lead to the removal of children from their home, or secure a safe, permanent home for a child who cannot return to the care of their parents.

At Risk: The State of the Black Middle Class

A sobering analysis of unemployment, income and homeownership from the past several decades shows a staggering loss of economic gains in the Great Recession.

A Long Road Back to Work: The Realities of Unemployment since the Great Recession (2011)

A Long Road Back to Work: The Realities of Unemployment since the Great Recession explores the demographic composition of the long-term unemployed and addresses their access to and utilization of unemployment compensation benefits, prospects for re-employment, and how re-employment opportunities compare to the jobs they held previously.

50+ African American Workers: A Status Report, Implications and Recommendations (2011)

This report provides the most comprehensive assessment to date of the employment experiences and economic well-being of African Americans age 50 and older.

State of Black America

The 37th edition of The State of Black America, Redeem the Dream: Jobs Rebuild America commemorates the milestones that have occurred in black history in the 50 years since the height of the civil rights movement.